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The Mangotsfield Festival Committee are sad to announce that the 2021 Festival has been cancelled. I’m sure you will understand why. Whilst there seems to be light at the end of the Covid 19 tunnel, it is far from clear when and over what timeframe  the current restrictions will be lifted. What is clear is that large events are very unlikely to be allowed.

So the cancellation of the  2020 and 2021 Festivals has given the organising committee a chance to reflect. It’s clear that the festival needs to change and evolve to better reflect what people want and expect from it.

Our current thinking is to run a different Festival, made up of a number of events spread throughout the week culminating in Festival Day itself which will still give local schools and organisations a chance to show what they can do but also have more family friendly “free stuff” to excite, engage, amuse and entertain.

We have a few ideas of the sorts of things we could do but, and it’s a big but. The existing committee is small and we are not as young as we were. To run a new style Festival with more events and more “stuff” will require many more people to get involved. So we’d love to hear what you want to see at the Festival and love to see more people helping out. So please get in touch by email to or

And finally, did you know that the Festival  is still able to award grants to local voluntary organisations to support their work in the community? In 2019/20 we gave out over £1000 to local groups.  Anyone is welcome to apply. Have a look at for more information.

Thanks for reading.

Chris Amos – Chair

If you would like to help or join the festival committee we would love to hear from you.

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Mangotsfield Festival are grateful to Emersons Green Town and South Gloucestershire Councils for their continued financial support.
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Booking a Stall

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